Sometimes clients love some of previous work we have created and they are asking to create a piece using inspiration from one of these.  To give you an idea of what mean custom art.

  We cannot replicate any of our previous works but happy to know which pieces do resonate with you most and why (if possible).   The new piece will be unique, however we will work using a similar style and color palette.

   There is no obligation to buy the custom art piece if you are not 100% happy with it.  We don't believe in selling art to someone who is not totally in love with it!

  We charge the same price for a custom art as we do for the sale price of a completed work and we do not ask for a deposit upfront.  You pay at the end on completion, when you are 100% happy.  That way we will be happy to sell it!

  Custom work, by nature, takes longer to create and therefore completion time would be 4 - 6 weeks.

  For custom work that is 2 pieces or more, I would ask for a 10% deposit upfront.  This would be non-refundable.

  If you are interested in us doing a custom art for you, please let us know which piece you like, and what you like most about it. We would also need the size and an idea of what type of space you plan to hang it.

We look forward to your questions, please contact us.